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Alpha HPA MoU for Supply of High Purity Alumina Salts in NA Specialty Markets

Alpha HPARhineland Specialties Inc. has entered into a MoU with Alpha HPA to make available high purity aluminum products for the specialty markets in North America. The product portfolio includes:

  • alpha-Alumina
  • gamma-Alumina
  • Aluminum nitrate nonahydrate
  • Aluminum sulfate hydrate

Samples and intermediate scale volumes are available from Alpha HPA’s existing facility in Brisbane.

Alpha HPA utilizes a proprietary, low carbon, extraction and refinement process technology that yields low cost, high purity alumina and hydrate salts. The company has a pathway to a large-scale commercialization process as the "HPA First Project" by late 2022 and producing up to 10,000 tons of HPA equivalent per annum by late 2024. On commercialization, the HPA First Project is expected to be the largest HPA production center globally, delivering custom, premium high purity aluminum products

The alpha-Alumina is offered in both powder and pellet forms which can be customized to customer specific application needs.  The material has very low trace sodium (< 10ppm) which is beneficial for high performance wet processes, low typical levels of trace silicon (< 5ppm) which yields a highly reactive calcined alumina, ideal for harsh chemical and wear applications, and low trace levels of iron (< 4ppm) making it suitable for electronics and optical applications.

The Aluminum nitrate nonahydrate offered is the highest purity “commercial” product on the market with a total metal impurity is max. 10ppm based on full metal panel testing by ICP-MS. The material is useful for solution-based processing technologies such sol-gel, colloidal, hydrothermal and spray pyrolysis in applications that have sensitivity to trace metal impurities and requires consistency and trace metal impurity control. Given the low-cost process technology, the Alpha HPA material provides a very competitive, high quality product to the reagent grade products derived from batch processing.

High Purity Alumina and Salts applications include photonics, photovoltaics, functional coatings/films, composites, ceramics, nanomaterials, CMP/polishing slurries, and specialty chemicals. Materials are available for sampling.

Any questions or additional information on Alpha HPA products, please contact us.

About Rhineland Specialties Inc (RSI)

RSI is an USA based company supplying specialty intermediates and chemistries for use in solution-based processing for high performance applications, advanced materials, and functional coatings.

About Alpha HPA

Alpha HPA is an Australian public listed materials processing and technology company.  The Company’s HPA First Project represents the evaluation and intended commercialization of the production of ~ 10,000tpa equivalent of high purity alumina (HPA) and related products using the Company’s proprietary licensed solvent extraction and HPA refining technology. The technology produces 4N (> 99.99% purity) alumina for intended use within the lithium ion battery, LED lighting and specialty markets.

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