Rhineland Specialties has been active with formulation chemistry for metal finishing since 2008. We provide a broad range of specialty products for electrodeposition processes and surface treatment, providing local inventory and service.


Metal Finishing & Formulation Chemistry

  • Galvanic nickel brighteners and levelers
  • Components for galvanic tin, copper, zinc
  • Surfactants for electroplating
  • Surfactants for printed circuit boards
  • Pre-treatment cleaning additives
  • Post-treatment chemicals
Nickel Plating
PPS Secondary brightener and leveling agent
PPS-OH Leveling agent, high and medium current density ranges
BEO Brightener and leveling agent
BMP Brightener and leveling agent
BOZ Brightener and leveling agent
PAP-98% Leveling agent, brightener
PAP-65% Leveling agent, brightener
PME Leveling agent, brightener
HD Basic brightener, medium acidic
VS Basic brightener and levelling agent, medium acidic
PA Brightener and levelling agent, medium acidic
PS Brightener and levelling agent, medium acidic
Zinc Plating
Benzylidene acetone Brightener
o-Chlorobenzaldehyde (OCBA) Brightener
HS-1000 Brightener
Dicolloy EHSO3 Anionic surfactant
Dicolloy NAPSO3 Anionic surfactant
IMK- 16-80 Nonionic surfactant
BNO-12 Nonionic surfactant
G 35 Alkaline, brightener
IMZ Alkaline, brightener
IZE Alkaline, brightener, levelling
BPC 48 brightener
PUB Levelling agent
Copper Plating
IMK 8882 Leveler for acid copper
Dicolloy DNO-14 Nonionic surfactant, carrier
G 20 Leveler for acid copper

Specialty Surfactants

Anionic, low foaming and no cloud point. Dicolloy™ Alkoxy sulfonates have excellent salt stability, pH stability and very stable against hydrolysis over a wide pH range.

Non-ionic, low foaming types.

  • Dicolloy™ NO-14 / ethoxylated, propoxylated beta-naphthol
  • IMK 16-80 / ethoxylated 2-ethylhexanol
  • BNO-12 / ethoxylated beta-naphthol

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