RSI has been active with formulation chemistry for metal finishing since 2008. We provide a broad range of specialty products for electrodeposition processes and surface treatment, providing local inventory and service.


Metal Finishing & Formulation Chemistry

  • Galvanic nickel brighteners and levelers
  • Components for galvanic tin, copper, zinc
  • Surfactants for electroplating
  • Surfactants for printed circuit boards
  • Pre-treatment cleaning additives
  • Post-treatment chemicals

Specialty Surfactants

Anionic, low foaming and no cloud point. Dicolloy™ Alkoxy sulfonates have excellent salt stability, pH stability and very stable against hydrolysis over a wide pH range.

  • Dicolloy™ NAPSO3 / naphthol sulfoalkylated, propoxylated, alkali salt
  • Dicolloy™ EHSO3 / sulfopropylated, 2-ethylhexanol ethoxylate

Non-ionic, low foaming types.

  • Dicolloy™ NO-14 / ethoxylated, propoxylated beta-naphthol
  • IMK-16-80 / ethoxylated 2-ethylexanol
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