High Purity Aluminum Chemicals

High Purity Alumina and Salts

Through our manufacturing partner Alpha HPA, RSI offers high purity aluminum sources for synthesis and formulation in high-performance applications. Standard products are offered as 4N5+ (99.995%+) trace metal purity grades based on a full metal panel testing by ICPMS and GDMS analysis.

Product Range

Aluminum sulfate hydrate, 99.999%+
Boehmite (high dispersible) 99.995%+
Nano Alumina, 99.995%+
Pseudoboemite, 99.995%+


CMP/Polishing slurries


Functional coatings
Catalyst and supports

Introducing Alpha HPA

  • Australian public listed materials processing and technology company.
  • Proprietary low carbon process for extraction and refinement yielding low cost, high purity alumina and hydrate salts.
  • Commercial scale volumes available from Alpha HPA existing facility in Brisbane.
  • Pathway to a large scale commercialization process as the "HPA First Project" by late 2022 and producing up to 10,000 tons of HPA equivalent per annum by late 2024.
  • On commercialization, the HPA First Project is expected to be the largest HPA production center globally, delivering custom, premium high purity aluminum products.
Alpha HPA

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