Trace Metal Grade Inorganics

High purity inorganic sources for performance applications sensitive to trace metallic impurities.
Standard products are offered with a total metal impurity (TMI) specification. Customization is available based on specific
customer application requirements.

Halides bromide, chloride, iodide, fluoride
Hydrate salts acetate, nitrate, sulfate
Organometallics gallium acetylacetonate,  titanium (IV) isopropoxide
Oxides zinc, aluminum

Critical precursors for solution-based and solid-state processing

Key application areas

Precursors for ZnO, Al2O3 and TiO2 for functional thin films

Ceramic YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet)

Semiconductor nanocrystals

CMP slurry additives

Transparent conducting oxides (TCOs)

Perovksite structured materials

Nanocomposites and structures



Trace Metal Grade Inorganics

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