Halide Perovskite Precursors

High purity metal halide and salt sources for use in synthesis of structured perovskite compounds with specific focus on Photo-Voltaics (PV).

Precursor type Halide form Product Features
Lead based
bromide, chloride, iodide 99.999% metals purity
standard form as powders
selected bead/granule form option
customized solutions for improved handling/processing.
Organic-inorganic salts in development


Perovskite-structured compounds are typically hybid organic-inorganic lead halide-based materials or all-inorganic halides. These are tunable semiconductors used as light-harvesting active absorber layers such as solution-based solar cell. The crystal structure is ABX3 where A and B are cations and X is an anion.  The most common perovskite absorber is methylammonium lead trihalide (CH3NH3PBX3). X is a halogen ion such as iodide, bromide or chloride


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