Functional Chemistry

Rhineland Specialties offers a range of specialty organic chemicals mainly used in aqueous-based formulation processes.

Sulfopropylated derivatives

1,3-Propane sultone (alklation agent) is an Organosulfur compound with the formula (CH2)3SO3.It is a cyclic sulfonate ester, a class of compounds called sultones.

Sulfopropylated surfactants

Alkoxy propyl sulfonates 

DICOLLOYTM alkoxy sulfonate surfactants uniquely combine an alkoxy group with the properties of sulfonate group, thus uniting chemical stability with absolute freedom from salt.

Pyridinium propyl sulfobatine (PPS)

Zwitterionic detergent, secondary brightening and leveling agent for Watts bright nickel Used with Saccharine, one or several acetylenic compounds, and a wetting agent.

Alkylthiol sulfonates

Reactive thiol group combined with a sulfonate to faciliate processing in aqueous-based formulations. Typical uses as brightening agents in acid copper baths to improve the deposition of copper coatings for decorative and functional applications. Used together with polyeethers and non-ioninc surfactants.

Alkoxylated acetylenics

Triple-bond functional based alcohol (propargyl and butynediol) derivatives which are further ethoxylated or propoxylated. Used in combination with other secondary brightener additives such as PPS  in nickel plating bath formultions.  The Alkoxylated acetylenics also find use as ferrous metal corrosion inhibititors in acidic environments.

Auxiliary products

Specialty formulation additive chemistry for metal finishing and industral applications. 

Sulfopropylated surfactants

  • increase the solubility in water
  • enlarge the molecule
  • introduce a hydrophilic group


  • Water solubility
  • Operation in a wide pH range
  • Compatibility with other anionic, cationic and non-ionics
  • Resistance to hydrolysis
  • Temperature resistant
  • Salt stability

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